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How does air heating work, with the application of the ORTE POWER 35-250 kW pellet heater?

Before the air goes to the pellet air heater (Orte Power heater), it first passes through an internal or external intake and further on through a non-woven filter. These are elements necessary for the proper functioning of the entire installation.

The external air intake provides fresh air and mixes it with cooled returning air (through the internal inlet) from the heated rooms. Then the air is heated in the pellet heater exchanger and is distributed with a system of ventilation ducts with blow grids with dampers for individual rooms. The grille dampers are used to regulate the amount of air outflow.

Due to the fact that the air GRILLS are located in the rooms along the walls, and the internal intake is located in the central part of the building, the air mixes and circulates. This ensures that there are not any local differences in temperature, which allows to achieve thermal comfort. The surplus of air in the house is removed through the ventilation ducts.

The time between the start-up of the air heater until achieving a noticeable change in the temperature is practically decreased to several minutes. This allows you to shorten the heating time of the facility / building. In order to control the operation of the pellet heater, a programmable thermoregulator has been applied. Thanks to this technical solution we can maintain the desired pre-set temperature in the premises of the facility.

The air heater can also be controlled via a mobile phone application. This way, when returning for instance from holidays, we can enter an already heated house.

The air heating system is connected to an external air intake, this connection allows full ventilation of the facility. The Orte Power Air Heater can operate in a recirculation system or using fresh air from the external intake, the device has a capacity of pumping into the building approx. 3000m³ within an hour. This function of the device is very useful during bad weather conditions or when a large group of people is located in the premises (the airflow of heated air reaches 17200m³ / h in case of more powerful units).

What functions can be sustained by an air blowing system?

An air heating system incorporating the Orte Power pellet heater can be additionally equipped with filtration systems, humidification, cooling, recuperation, ionization and a ground heat exchanger. Such an air heating system also facilitates the distribution of warm air throughout the whole building from a fireplace.

Can a pellet heater easily become a part of an existing air conditioning / ventilation system?

Yes. In buildings with an existing air conditioning system, we can obtain comfortable and economical heating with minimal financial investment. The existing ventilation system is supplemented with the addition of a heating module, in this case a pellet air heater, which will be connected to existing elements of the system.

Supported by a system of ventilation ducts, the heated air is distributed from the air heater to individual rooms. Additionally when the burner is not operating, the fan in the heater may take on the function of ventilation. As a result, we have fresh air at home without the need of opening windows. This is very practical, especially during the summer want to avoid mosquitos entering the premises. We do not have to choose between a sense of security and comfort – not everyone feels comfortable sleeping with the window open.



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