The Orte Power heaters can be successfully used during various types of outdoor events, as well as exhibitions organized in tents. The units can be placed in mobile boiler rooms. The high air pressure produced by the Orte Power Air Heater allows the supply of warm air over long distances, and the application of automatic temperature control allows you to set a convenient indoor temperature.

The consumption of pellets at maximum power setting for the 130 kW air heater is approx. 25 kg / h, and in case of the 250 kW unit it is approx. 50 kg / h. Having those values in mind we can calculate our total cost of operation for the full winter season.

However, when calculating the whole season requirement for pellets we should keep in mind that, knowing the maximum consumption rate of the unit is not enough, because the device never runs non-stop at maximum power, and pellet consumption is presented for maximum operation. The device may, for instance, be set so that it automatically turns on or off at specific times to maintain a set temperature.

The full ORTE POWER AIR HEATER unit is composed of the air heater with a burner, CPU controller, feeder and pellet hopper. As a standard, the heater is equipped with a hot air exit top which can be adapted to individual customer requirements for instance 2 or 3 output pipes. Other factors that should be taken into account is the air pressure that the device generates and the requirement –  eg how long the heated facility is, or how far should the warm be delivered.


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